We are delighted that you are interested in joining the ASC, the largest active alumni group at Yale with over 12,000 volunteers and 270 committees world-wide. 


The ASC was my first ‘gateway’ into alumni volunteering when I returned to my hometown and searched for ways to reconnect with my University after grad school.  I interviewed 45 applicants in three years. I later ran the local Yale Club, served on committees for Yale, joined the local Yale board, and now serve on the AYA Board of Governors.  It all began with ASC, and I am grateful for the experience.


We make a difference in these kids’ lives, and we’re passionate about Yale and want the kids to realize how much of a gift it is to get into Yale. The most difficult decision I had to make was to send my son 3000 miles away, but meeting so many great alumni has made that decision far easier.




Why join the ASC?

As an ASC member, you actively stay connected with both the University and local Yale alumni. You will meet with some of the most talented and accomplished high school students in your community. Through your work, you have the opportunity to enhance Yale’s profile in various communities across the world while educating local students, parents, and counselors about Yale College and the selective admissions process.

Who is eligible to join the ASC?

You must be an alumnus/a of Yale College or one of Yale’s Graduate and Professional Schools to be a member of the Alumni Schools Committee (ASC).  ASC Members are not permitted to recruit or interview for another undergraduate college.  

If an ASC Member’s child is in Yale’s applicant pool during the current admissions cycle, he or she must step away from the ASC during that cycle and not conduct any interviews. We also ask that members take a year off from the ASC if a grandchild, sibling, or other close relative is applying to Yale and attends high school in their ASC.
Independent college counselors or individuals otherwise engaged in helping students prepare college applications (college admission officer, for-profit college preparation consultant, etc.) are not permitted to be ASC members. School-based counselors and teachers may interview, but they should not interview students who attend the schools in which they work.

What do ASC members do?

ASC members serve two important roles. First, you act as a local representative of the Undergraduate Admissions Office, and serve as a resource for local community members who wish to find out more about Yale and our admissions process. Second, you will conduct evaluative interviews of freshman applicants and provide written feedback about these conversations to Undergraduate Admissions.
We ask ASC Members to commit to significant time to ASC effort, between 10 and 15 hours per year as a rough guideline. Interviewing takes place from mid-October to the end of November for Single Choice Early Action candidates, and from January through mid-February for Regular Decision applicants.  We recommend that you allot at least an hour for each interview and 30 minutes for writing each interview report. In April, ASC members contact admitted students to recruit them to Yale, and many ASCs host local yield receptions. Some ASC members are also active during the fall and spring recruitment season as Yale representatives at local college fairs.